The Pie Face Game: A Huger Sock-it-to-me Smash Than Ever Before!

The Pie Face Game, originally released by Hasbro back in 1968, had been off the market for decades and was seemingly consigned to the dustbin of history. Gone, forgotten, its messy mayhem wiped away. But a strange thing happened forty-seven years after its original release. Like a phoenix rising from the whip cream, the game was resurrected by Hasbro and is now a huger sock-it-to-me smash than ever before.

Marvin Glass & Associates employee Henry Stan (the inventor of Mystery Date), with Leo Kripak (the model maker for Mr. Machine, King Zor and Robot Commando), created this sloppy walloping whammy of a game. The Marvin Glass patent filed in 1968 was #3,488,050.

Rumor has it that once when Marvin was demonstrating the game on TV a studio hand used shaving cream instead of whipped cream. Always the showman, a surprised Marvin didn’t let it be known that his eyes were burning, until the cameras were shut off. Anything for a sale!

Original commercial:

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