You hold the keys that will unlock the toy vault and transport you into a whirlwind adventure filled with the secrets behind the top toys and games of your childhood.

About the Author

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Bill Paxton invents toys and games for a living and collects them as a hobby. For the past 30 years he has designed at various Chicagoland toy invention studios where he has worked for, and with, many Marvin Glass partners and employees.

About the Book

This biography is of the toy king himself Marvin Glass, who created the first, largest and most successful independent toy invention studio. His unique genius and fervor for life was said to be a magical blend of Willy Wonka and Howard Hughes. Wonka had his Oompa Loompas and so too did Glass fill his high-security fortress with a cast of crazy characters. Their own words reveal the story of what really went on inside Marvin’s legendary studio.

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A Tribute to Marvin Glass

Secretive, charismatic, showman, childlike, egomaniac, self-loathing, generous, eccentric, and moody are words that have been used to describe Marvin Glass throughout the decades. Each term fits, yet alone is somehow incomplete. He was a renaissance man, an entertainer, sexually voracious, playful and charming. He was also persuasive. Among all attempts to explain or define him, the single most often used descriptor is genius.


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